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About Us

Lincoln Hills Golf Club, an Indigo Golf Partner
2020 & BEYOND
Our mantra is simple - golf is for everyone. This belief is reinforced by the renewed interest from those returning to the game and others that have just started playing. The impetus is unique to each individual as golf provides opportunities to socialize, be active, and enjoy the outdoors while improving your health.

It's an interesting evolution of the game that has been around for over 400 years and Indigo Golf Partners is delighted to be a part of it. The issues that we are confronting in this unique time places increased emphasis to lead by example, do the right things for our constituents who play golf and our owners so that the game thrives and moves forward. #GolfForEveryone
Our world is destined to create change, drive innovation, diversity and impact the game we all love. We are guided by these core principles.
To be the best operator in the history of golf.
To provide a fun and enjoyable experience.
To leave the industry better than we found it.
The Indigo Family is an amazing group of people. We work hard and play hard. We truly are the greatest team in golf.
Alex Elmore, President
The World’s Largest Golf Outing™ (WLGO) was created in 2011 with the vision of all of the golf courses in the Indigo Golf Partners portfolio to hold a golf outing on the same day and have that event make a difference. So, WLGO was born by combining two of the company’s passions – playing golf and giving back.

The record-setting potential for the Largest Golf Outing ever was an ancillary benefit compared to finding a way to make a difference in the lives of others. With your support, WLGO has raised over $4 million for injured service men and women and their families and we are still counting!
Go Futures focuses on creating opportunities for growth within local markets, tailoring programs to specific needs, and making golf accessible to all. Go Futures is possible because of the incredible team and talent here at Indigo Golf Partners.

We focus on:
  • Player Development Program Updates
  • New Growth the Game Initiatives
  • Spotlight the Best of the Best Instructors
  • Share Player Development Instructor Case Studies
Indigo Celebration
The Greatest Team in Golf
The Greatest Team in Golf
The Greatest Team in Golf
Tracy Hanford, Indigo Celebration
The Greatest Team in Golf
Joel Gohlmann, Indigo Celebration
The Greatest Team in Golf
Alex Elmore, Indigo Celebration
The Greatest Team in Golf
Trevor Gilbertson, Indigo Celebration
The Greatest Team in Golf
Indigo Golf Partners Celebration
The Greatest Team in Golf
Nike Bednar, Indigo Celebration
The Greatest Team in Golf
The Greatest Team in Golf
Tom Reilly, Indigo Celebration
A happy employee is a productive employee. What stands out is the pure joy and pride everyone has in their work.