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Angelina Vinson Growing the Game of Golf Through Joy at Stonetree Golf Club

The Central Texas golf course is set to open a new Golf School with a focus on player development and growing the game of golf

The core objective of Go Futures is to grow the game. In our spotlights, we showcase the achievements of our industry professionals’ player development programs.

Angelina Vinson, the Director of Golf Instruction at Stonetree Golf Club in Killeen, Texas, is creating lifelong golfers in central Texas. Vinson is a LPGA Class A Golf Professional and Jim McLean Certified.

Question: How many overall participants did we have through your programming?
Answer: At Stonetree, our new player development program is less than 2 years old. Our focus has been on private instruction which is around 50 hours a week. As for our clinics and golf camps, we had 15 golfers in junior camps and 15 in our clinics. New instructors began two weeks ago, so we hope to increase that number.

Q: Summarize your plan for continuing to grow your facility’s programs.
A: We haven’t been able to grow our program as much as we’d like yet, due to a lack of staffing. In May of 2021, 2 new instructors joined the team! This summer, we will host adult clinics and junior clinics every weekend. We will also be opening a new ‘Golf School’ which will have multiple programs that vary in length.

Q: What are the strengths to your facility and location? What are the challenges that you face?
A: Our facility is the best maintained public course in the area and family friendly. Stonetree has two sets of junior tees allowing us to accommodate all skill levels and add a lot of value to our junior program. One weakness of ours is the few number of carts to keep up with the demand.

Q: Why do people come to you and why do they stay?
A: My experience in the golf industry started at Austin Peay State University where I played NCAA Division I golf. As I wanted to keep playing and growing the game, I started working at the Jim McLean Golf School in Orlando, Florida. Now, I have over 20 years of experience in the golf industry with a LPGA Class A certification. My knowledge depth and breadth of the game are invaluable to teaching but the key to success is keeping communication simple for everyone to understand.

Q: Please share a story of a student (current or former) who has stood out because of their passion for learning and playing the game, personal growth, improvement, tournament success or major achievement such as winning an award, earning a scholarship or becoming a PGA Pro.
A: A current student of mine is in his 70’s and started off with scores well into the 120 range. After the first three months of lessons and daily practice, he is now shooting in the 80’s consistently. It has been great to see his game improve so quickly. It wouldn’t be possible without his determination to get better!

Q: What is your drive to grow the game?
A: I love to bring people joy through golf. The impact that you could make on someone’s life through the game of golf is priceless. Whether it be a smile from a beginner because they hit the ball up in the air or from an experienced junior that got a golf scholarship to college because of the game you taught them, teaching golf makes an incredible impact in people’s lives.

Go Futures Quick Tips:

  • Consider the impact this has on someone – make it fun!

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