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Justin Henderson is Bringing the Whole Family into the Game of Golf at Antelope Hills

The core objective of Go Futures is to grow the game. In our spotlights, we showcase the achievements of our industry professionals’ player development programs.

Our Go Futures objective is to grow the game of golf and make it accessible to everyone. This month’s Go Futures Spotlight showcases Justin Henderson, PGA and the team at Antelope Hills Golf Course. Antelope Hills Golf Course offers a variety of programs ranging from individual to group instruction and coaching. Antelope hosts five different high school golf teams and serve as the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Men’s and Women’s Golf Team Home Course.

Justin Henderson is the General Manager at Antelope Hills Golf Course, with over 25 years of PGA Professional experience. He has taught new players, female players, senior adults with physical limitations, high school varsity players, and fellow golf professionals. He’s passion for the game of golf and loves to share that passion with all golfers. For the past four years Justin has been Captain of the Prescott Area PGA Jr. League. He truly enjoys working with youth by teaching them the game through proper etiquette and golf instruction. He utilizes modern golf instruction tools when necessary including launch monitors, technology feedback tools and video analysis.

Question: Summarize your plan for continuing to grow your facility’s program.
Answer: We will continue to provide the programs such as PGA Junior League, Special Olympics, PGA Hope and Junior Camps. This summer are excited to start a family golf program. This program is designed to keep the whole family engaged in the game of golf.

Q: What strengths do your facility and location have that you can incorporate into your programming? What are the challenges that you face?
A: Antelope Hills has many instruction facility advantages that include:: large practice facility, multiple practice greens, and 36 easily walkable and player friendly holes.

Our biggest opportunity is the number of new and returning golfers to the game that don’t understand the importance of etiquette and fundamentals. Most of our new golfers want to get better right away but don’t quite understand of the process. To help the golfers understand we, John Gunby, PGA and Justin Herderson, created the FUNdamentals of Golf Program.

FUNdamentals tagline: How to Play Golf in a Fast, Safe, and Courteous Manner. At Antelope Hills Golf Course our program outlines all the basic information to help enhance the experience not only for the player but other fellow golfers as well.

Q: Please share a story of a student (current or former) who has stood out because of their passion for learning and playing the game, personal growth, improvement, tournament success or major achievement such as winning an award, earning a scholarship or becoming a PGA Pro.
A: One junior golfer first came to me when he was six years old with duct tape for grips and the grooves on his clubs were worn off. Neither one of his parents played golf but his passion and desire to practice was inspiring! Now at the age of 14, this young man is a scratch golfer on his high school team and is my top PGA Jr. League player. We continue to fine tune his mental and physical abilities as we work towards his goal of playing college golf.

Q: Why did you choose golf as a career?
A: I was first introduced to golf by my grandmother at the age of 8 and we would play on par 3 golf course in Southern Idaho. It was right then and there that I fell in love with game. At age of 10, I told my parents I was going to play College Golf in Arizona and become a PGA Golf Professional. I am fortunate to have the friendship and mentoring of many golf professionals and coaches that shaped my career and passion for golf.

Q: What personally drives you to growing the game? What gives you the most joy daily?
A: I enjoy sharing my passion with golfers of all skill levels and age. Teaching junior golfers give me the most pleasure as I want every junior to fall in love with the game, like I did at that age.

Go Futures Quick Tips:

  • Focus on the FUNdamentals
  • Family Programing #GolfForEveryone
  • Build a Network of Instructors to share best practices

Learn more about Justin Henderson.
Learn more about Antelope Hills Golf Course.

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