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Kulig Crow earns LPGA Northeast Section Teacher of the Year Award

Kulig Crow has always had a passion for helping her students in every facet of their game.

DAYTONA BEACH, FL, August 6, 2021 – Marissa Kulig Crow was recognized as the LPGA Northeast Section Teacher of the Year by the Ladies Professional Golf Association’s (LPGA) Professionals Membership. She received this award once before in 2019.

Kulig Crow has been in the golf business for 27 years carrying positions as a Greenskeeper, Head Golf Professional, General Manager, and for the past nine years, a Teaching Professional at The Golf Center of Lyman Orchards in Middlefield, CT. In 2001, she elected to the LPGA Professionals Association.

“I am truly honored to receive this award from the LPGA for the second time!” said Kulig Crow. “It means a lot to be recognized by my peers for doing something that I am so passionate about.”

Nominations for Section Awards must come from a fellow LPGA member. For Kulig Crow she was nominated by Master LPGA Professional, Karen Palacios-Jansen. Their relationship started last winter when Kulig Crow wanted to teach her own CardioGolf classes. Palacios-Jansen founded CardioGolf, a virtual golf and fitness platform packed with a variety of workouts to help golfers improve their games. Palacios-Jansen was impressed with how quickly Kulig Crow was able to understand, adapt, and implement the program. That very winter Kulig Crow had around 50 students participate in her online, golf-workout, based classes.

Kulig Crow has always had a passion for helping her students in every facet of their game including fitness and flexibility. In 2019, Kulig Crow started her fitness journey with Yoga for Golfers. She is now a Level 2 certified instructor for Yoga for Golfers.

Kulig Crow’s career with Lyman Orchards started in 2013 where her directive was to take the 150 women in their golf classes and grow the program. “The women in the classes were mostly beginner golfers but really enjoyed the game”, Kulig Crow said. She continued to encourage her students to play and grow their skills and quickly saw a need for more programs. Kulig Crow took the 2 level course modeled after Get Golf Ready and made it into what is now a 5 level program. “The women were no longer beginners but wanted to keep taking group lessons, so the Golf Fore Women was born” said Kulig Crow. The Golf Fore Women instruction starts with clubhouse tours, to basic instruction tips, to on-course lessons on a par 3 course, to the championship course. This year, Kulig Crow has over 1,400 women in her program.

In the coming weeks the committee will vote on the LPGA National Teacher of the Year Award. If you ask us, there is no one more deserving to receive this prestigious honor than Marissa Kulig Crow, LPGA.

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Class A LPGA Professionals are expert instructors, industry leading businesswomen and highly trained college coaches. They are uniquely qualified to teach the game and conduct the business of golf.

LPGA Professionals achieve certification by completing a multi-year series of educational programs. They must first pass a Playing Ability Test (PAT) to ensure that they are qualified to play and teach the game of golf.