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Newly renovated Raintree Golf and Event Center attracts new and experienced golfers alike

The team at Raintree connects with their students with the mindset of “you can always learn something new”.

The core objective of Go Futures is to grow the game. In our spotlights, we showcase the achievements of our industry professionals’ player development programs.

Buzz DiSalvo, PGA and the rest of the professionals at Raintree Golf & Event Center discuss their approach to bringing golfers of all backgrounds to their programs.

Question: How many overall participants did we have through your programming?
Answer: We hosted over 40 adult and junior private lessons, 6 adult clinics, and 9 junior camps at Raintree in 2021.

Q: Summarize your plan for continuing to grow your facility’s programs.
A: As we head into 2022, we will be offering new programs such as family golf packages and incorporate the Troon Junior Club.

We plan to grow our student base by promoting our current programs with testimonials from former students to drive interest. We will continue to offer clinic registration online and tailor our promotions to our target audiences.

Buzz DeSalvo teaching on the driving range

Q: What are the strengths to your facility and location? What are the challenges that you face?
A: We have newly renovated hitting area on the range that includes both grass and synthetic surfaces and two practice greens. This large practice facility allows for many great lessons and clinics.

We could benefit from a sheltered area for inclement weather and a practice bunker. We are exploring the TopTracer Range and other golf technology for the future to improve our teaching efforts and range experience.

Q: Why do people come to you and why do they stay?
A: Retention is key in our lesson. We need to make sure our students are relaxed and comfortable to learn as golf can be intimidating. We stick to the basics - start with the fundamentals, improve their confidence, and make it fun! It’s important that students of all skill levels walk away with confidence & more knowledge.

Q: Please share a story of a student (current or former) who has stood out because of their passion for learning and playing the game, personal growth, improvement, tournament success or major achievement such as winning an award, earning a scholarship or becoming a PGA Pro.
A: We were lucky enough to work with Return to Golf, a program for those with physical limitations who want to learn golf. One young man was paralyzed from the waist down. Raintree was the only facility, within a five-hour drive, to have a SoloRider cart specifically designed for his needs.

His day started with us setting him up with the cart to ensure he was comfortable and ready to drive. Then we made sure he got the ball airborne! After he was confident operating the cart and hitting, we turned him loose. He played 9-holes with his dad, a moment they had both been waiting for! As they we’re leaving the facility, his father began to cry. He said, "I have been waiting for years to play with my son again.” We are proud here at Raintree that we were able to provide a space and opportunity for this family to connect again on the course. It was a moment we will never forget!   

Q: What is your drive to grow the game?
A: It is the duty of a PGA Member to grow the game of golf. Here at Raintree, we back to that commitment. Each day we are fortunate to do something we love, we try to instill our passion to every student.

Q: Why did you choose golf as a career?
A: I fell in love with the game of golf in high school. Leo Zampedro, A PGA Member, was my coach and he truly inspired me. He worked hard to make sure that I enjoyed the game as much as he did! Leo was the nicest and classiest person with a great attitude about life. I strive every day to make sure that I can be that inspiring for my students.

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