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How Richard Rice is Growing the Game of Golf at Colonial Heritage

Richard Rice, Director of Instruction at Colonial Heritage

The core objective of Go Futures is to grow the game. In our spotlights, we showcase the achievements of our industry professionals’ player development programs.

Richard Rice, PGA, Director of Instruction at Colonial Heritage Golf Club is focused on new social instructional programs as well as monthly subscription programs geared towards beginners and junior golfers.

Go Futures is possible because of the incredible team and talent here at Indigo Golf Partners. We are proud of the opportunities that our instructors are creating for growth within local markets, tailoring programs to specific needs, and making golf accessible to all. #GolfForEveryone

“I love seeing people get excited when they hit a great shot!” – Richard Rice

Review our Q&A line up with Richard Rice:

Question: Summarize your plan for continuing to grow your facility’s programs.
Answer: At Colonial Heritage Golf Club we are introducing a completely new instructional program to include group and individual instruction. There will be programs geared towards men’s and women’s beginners as well as new junior programs, new social/instructional programs and new monthly subscription programs.

Q: What strengths do your facility and location have that you are able to incorporate into your programming? What are the challenges that you face?
A: We have an amazing, year-round, grass tee, practice facility plus a short game area. One challenge we face is a lack of shelter or cover to protect us from the sun!

Q: Why do people come to you and why do they stay?
A: Most of my student base has grown through word of mouth. I am able to retain my client through positive experiences, by gearing instruction to each individual and striving to create a positive relationship with everyone.

Q: Please share a story of a student (current or former) who has stood out because of their passion for learning and playing the game, personal growth, improvement, tournament success or major achievement such as winning an award, earning a scholarship or becoming a PGA Pro.
A: One student really stands out to me. When I started working with this gentleman, he was about a 20 handicap, but after a few lessons his game really took off! The following season he won ‘Most Improved Player’ in the MGA after dropping to a 12 handicap! He’s absolutely fallen in love with the game and is glad to have a new hobby to enjoy. I’m most proud of how quickly he was able to turn his game around.

Q: What personally drives you to growing the game? What gives you the most joy daily?
A: My drive for growing the game comes from every one’s reactions. I love seeing people get excited when they hit a great shot! Hearing them exclaim “wow!” makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. There’s nothing more I look forward to than bringing the joy of golf to people’s lives.

Q: Why did you choose golf as a career?
A: My passion for golf started later in life. It wasn’t until I was 23 that I wanted to start playing golf more than two or three times per year. The more I played, the more my interest and passion grew. After playing and practicing almost every day, I realized I wanted to become a PGA teaching professional. Ten years later, I couldn’t be happier living my dream as a full-time instructor!

Go Futures Quick Tips:

  • Create positive experiences
  • Show marked improvement through handicap scores
  • Tailor instruction to each individual needs

Learn more about Richard Rice at Colonial Heritage Golf Club in Williamsburg, VA.

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