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Indigo employees recognized for going above and beyond in monthly "GRIT" call

Indigo Golf spotlights field and Virginia Support Office employees who exemplify our values and ACE the guest experience.

At Indigo Golf Partners we like to recognize our employees' GRIT.

  • Growth: We develop our team, advance our businesses and elevate the industry.
  • Responsibility: We own a culture of safety, accountability, and sustainability.
  • Innovation: We lead with an entrepreneurial spirit fueled by data, creativity, and collaboration.
  • Team: We ACE experiences together.

We'll begin by highlighting our GRIT value winners of the month.

This month's value is Responsibility: We own a culture of safety, accountability and sustainability.

Our field responsibility winner is Tom Breslin! Tom is a model employee when it comes to accountability and responsibility! He is very reliable and always on time. He has been a part of the team at Rock Manor for over four years and always steps up whenever anything needs to get done!

Our VSO responsibility winner is Grant Johnson! Grant plays a crucial role on the business development team helping to craft proposals for new opportunities and contract renewals. Grant proactively manages proposal deadlines with a sense of accountability to ensure nothing is missed. The quality of Grants work has helped substantially to imprecate the product put forward. Additionally, Grant has sought out expanded responsibility by assisting the team at Real Food to enhance their BD efforts. Shoutout to Grant for being the definition of a team player and helping to grow the company across multiple divisions.

And now to spotlight a few of our Indigo employees doing awesome things:

Our field spotlight winner goes to Zach Ondrejack. Zach has stepped up big this year and has really taken the initiative. He is a pivotal part of the operations here at Tamarck and will continue to be until he is able to further his career with our company. His adaptability and willingness to learn and understand are to be admired. I’m excited to see what the future holds for Zach and we are lucky to have him as an employee.

Our team shout out goes to Spring Creek! Spring Creek was recently voted one of the Top 100 public golf courses by golf digest for 2021. A recent guest says…this is the best course in won't be disappointed. The course is immaculate, the scenery is amazing...The staff is incredibly friendly and members that I encountered were pleasant to be around as well. It is worth every penny! Congratulations Spring Creek and keep up the good work!

And finally, our VSO shoutout goes to Jared Hall. Jared always keeps the data lights on while expanding capabilities. People don’t always have great visibility into how much time and efforts foes into maintain all of our data, but Jared is constantly working hard and doing brilliant work.