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Indigo Insider: December 2020 Update

Dear Friend,

We suggested 12 months ago that everyone should strive to make 2020 their year – get committed and maximize your most precious resource (your time). As we plan for next year, carrying forward lessons learned will behoove the entire industry - a rising tide lifts all boats. Some of our observations and thoughts include:

  • Better late than never - The golf industry has historically lagged other hospitality and recreation segments to adopt and integrate new technology. The strict mandates in many states made golf impossible without new technologies. Turns out, when forced to choose between embracing technology or losing your tee time, golfers will adapt and use mobile booking and contactless payment.
  • Golf has a time problem – Available time, cost, difficulty, exclusivity, etc. are frequently cited as barriers to golf participation. The pandemic forced many to work from home, restricted access to other social/recreational activities and increased time and flexibility. End result: booming golf participation in 2020. For 2021, will the new and latent golfers continue playing and what can we do to reduce future barriers?
  • The golfers’ journey – The golfers’ journey was rerouted during the pandemic. The interactions and touch points to create “Wow” moments are different than in prior years. Identifying key touch points and scripting out desired interactions, as well as redefining the experience in your amenities will likely help your team to create the desired experience in 2021.
  • Follow from the front - Leadership and teamwork reign supreme especially in a chaotic environment full of disruption, change and adversity. The teams that are nimble, communicate, collaborate and have an owners’ mentality always excel; this was never more apparent than during 2020.

The entire Indigo Golf family wishes you and yours a safe and happy holiday season filled with laughter, joy and gratitude. We look forward to reconnecting in the New Year.

About the Author
With 30 years’ experience in golf, Mike oversees Indigo Golf Partners growth plans and specific lease, acquisition, consulting and third-party management opportunities. He enjoys an invaluable talent of dissecting ways golf courses, country clubs and resorts can create significant new revenue and save expenses without compromise to quality. Previously, Mike managed the company’s vast southeast portfolio. A PGA member, he is a graduate of Mississippi State University, an avid cyclist and diehard college football fan.