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Royce Brook Golf Club, an Indigo Golf Partner
Indigo Golf Partners provides turnkey management that allows each facility to take advantage of the proprietary systems, tools and technology built and refined by golf course owners for golf course owners. Driven by the collaboration of our dedicated team members, we achieve the desired goals and financial results for our partners.
    We are extremely impressed with the caliber of folks that Indigo Golf Partners has brought into our clubhouse and into management positions from the course management, food and beverage service and banquet sales. The CDD board works very well with the team and they are very receptive to input from golfers, diners and other folks that visit our facility. The relationship between the team and members of the CDD community is positive and the results are showing up in increased rounds, sales, etc..
    Larry Knapp, Golden Lakes CDD Chairman - The Club at Eaglebrooke
    Indigo Golf Partners analyzes situations, evaluates business needs and collaboratively creates plans to achieve our partners’ goals. We then “dig in and go” the extra mile to deliver impressive results.
    Great results don’t happen by accident. Senior management and course leaders develop and present business, marketing and agronomic plans designed to leverage unique strengths and opportunities to achieve shared goals. We execute against these strategies toward top and bottom line growth.
    Financial success in today’s golf world calls for more than cost-efficient operations, a beautifully maintained course and well-stocked golf shop. It requires years of know-how, processes and programs which ensure implementation of best practices and systems that work for the business, not the other way around.
    Our marketing approach impacts diverse consumer behaviors at each step in the decision-making process. We employ a data-driven methodology that gathers insights from numerous touch points, including website, e-mail, mobile, social, third-party channels and reservation centers. Compelling content, modern design and best-in-class customer service drive engagement throughout the guest journey. This leads to tremendous loyalty.
    While Indigo Golf Partners thinks globally, we act locally. Our on-site team members are supported by corporate experts in each discipline located within close proximity to our facilities. We study, learn and apply unique golfer behaviors, feeder geographies and cultural aspects. In no time, we are an integral part of the community and a brand name that resonates with quality.
    Indigo Golf Partners' ability and experience made it possible to hit the ground running on day one of the new ownership to fulfill the Board of Supervisor's directives which included improving greens conditions, engaging golf members with programming and expanding the restaurant's appeal to the overall community.
    George S. Flint, Vice President Government Management Services - Arlington Ridge Golf Club
    Leveraging the power of proprietary technology, renowned marketing infrastructure, high-performing team members, proven systems, economies of scale and much more.


    Our agronomic team is highly educated, skilled and determined to deliver outstanding playing experiences daily. Our guest-centric approach is more than simply growing grass. Focus is also on healthy turf, eco-sustainability and keen attention to detail across the total acreage. This aligns with a reasonable budget required to impress time and time again. Commitments to excellence from our golf course superintendents and crews lead to efficiencies in staffing and a high-quality, enviable end-product.


    Indigo Golf Partners provides complete accounting and financial management services to assist managers in the successful operation of their facilities. Utilizing proven systems, we recognize specific client needs, including establishment of procedures for the collection, receipt and deposit of all revenues, cost estimating and forecasting, processing and payment of invoices and preparation of budgets and reports. We create and review daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports, including a statement of revenues and expenses, balance sheet, statement of cash flows and reconciliation of inventory.


    Indigo Golf Partners’ food-and-beverage operations complement guest experiences and support the financial well-being of the facility. Upscale or casual, we manage high-quality, attractive and profitable outlets ranging from fine dining to brew pubs to snack bars and everything in between. Guided by an annual plan and budget, we follow a detailed process management cycle of purchasing, receiving, storing, issuing, preparing, presenting, serving and consuming. This department is supported by our National Food and Beverage Director and his culinary team resulting in rotation of seasonal items, regional flavor, upgraded quality and substantial savings.


    Hospitality and recreation is a “people” business. Furthermore, guest demands and service expectations are at all-time highs. As such, Indigo Golf Partners has expended considerable resources recruiting, training and developing top talent. We call this human capital. It is driven by our proprietary performance system that monitors and assesses productivity while providing a platform for team members to grow professionally. We leverage decades of knowledge to provide meaningful feedback and guidance on critical success factors for team members to become the best versions of themselves.


    Indigo Golf Partners manages all information technology systems required to market and operate each facility. They include point of sale, tee time reservations, website, digital aspects and hardware. We work closely with General Managers to install and implement software, train staff on best practices and provide 24-hour support. Our IT solutions feature established security measures and state-of-the-art data warehousing to protect and promote facilities’ well-being.


    Size matters and we have amassed purchasing power that leads to substantial savings for courses without compromise to quality. This includes preferred pricing, extended terms, free and discounted fixtures and furnishings, and priority access to new-to-market products. Our national accounts team leverages this process in collaboration with on-site teams. Among the categories are maintenance equipment, operational supplies, FF&E, golf carts, food-and-beverage inventory, retail merchandise, third-party tee time providers, payroll services and insurance.


    Indigo Golf Partners is pioneering the golf industry’s advanced stats revolution. Generating incremental revenue while maintaining the value proposition is frequently a scientific exercise. Led by experienced data scientists from telecom, aerospace and gaming, our analytics team develops dynamic pricing and yield optimization methodologies actively applied to each golf course. Key performance metrics drive growth strategies and marketing tactics resulting in substantial year-over-year growth.


    In today’s hyper-competitive world, prioritizing a professional marketing and sales culture is critical. “Build-it-and-they-shall-come” reliance should not apply. We blend art and science (rooted in data) to efficiently connect with the right buyers at the right time with engaging content that prompts action. The bedrock of this work is to is attract new guests at a low cost of acquisition and promote frequent utilization for greater lifetime value. Simply lowering greens fees isn’t a strategy and presenting a pristine golf course alone doesn’t automatically translate to revenue.


    Member engagement and feedback provide a basis for our operational strategies. Creating and nurturing endearing relationships with current and prospective members produces fun and enjoyable experiences. Our commitment to a “people over process” culture reinforces the notion that growth lies within the attitude of the on-site team and sales is part of everyone’s job. We pride ourselves on highly personalized communication (“me mail”) that aligns with each member’s interests and desires, resulting in lifestyle brand synonymous with leisure and hospitality.

    Our properties are locally-managed, with hands-on oversight and direction by our regional teams, and our support office provides additional resources leveraging size and scale for the benefit of each facility. Together, these teams implement proven best practices in course management, club operations, talent development, customer experience, agronomy and marketing.

    Our expertise addresses the spectrum of business models from municipal portfolios to high-end private clubs, we tailor our services to meet the needs of each facility.
    We look forward to learning more about your situation to determine how or if we can help.