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Private Clubs

The dynamics of private clubs are changing. This isn’t your grandfather’s club anymore. Members are reassessing priorities and using the club differently, expecting modern-day amenities and activities for the entire family. And they’re more health conscious than ever. That’s where Indigo Golf Partners comes in. Fun programming that appeals to a younger generation attracts new members for greater lifetime value and club stability.
Before Indigo Golf Partners came on the scene, Eastpointe Country Club was caught in the downward spiral of an ageing and declining membership, unacceptable losses in the dining room, significant deferred maintenance and a general feeling that the Club just wasn't being run properly. In the time that Indigo Golf Partners has managed the Club, there has been a dramatic turnaround in all areas of Club life. Membership is growing to the point where the Board is now discussing an initiation fee, something that was unthinkable before. As President of the Club for two years during the critical period when Indigo Golf Partners took control of the Club's operation, I will always be grateful for what they have accomplished.
Robert Sriberg, Past President, Eastpointe Country Club
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