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Our select services give golf course owners the ability to remain hands-on in the daily operations while outsourcing specific functions to Indigo Golf Partners. Do you want to stay involved with your accounting and finance, but need help in agronomy? Would you like best-in-class marketing support? We provide à la carte solutions which gives each owner the freedom to customize a solution to their needs.
    Winning starts with the right foundation which is laid brick-by-brick in everything you do!
    Joseph D. Livingood, Senior Vice President
    Select is our à la carte golf services offering. We provide tools, proven systems and expertise to address aspects of your operation requiring the most help.
    Indigo Golf Partners provides golf course owners with advice and counsel rooted in a wealth of knowledge and resources. We’re everything you need in a consultant: unbiased, unconflicted and objective. Our recommendations are logical, reasonable and based on sound business practices. As your independent voice in the analysis and planning process, Indigo Golf Partners delivers strategies to improve your business.
    Financial success in today’s golf world calls for more than cost-efficient operations, a beautifully maintained course and well-stocked golf shop. It requires years of know-how, processes and programs which ensure implementation of best practices and systems that work for the business, not the other way around.
    Indigo Golf Partners provides community association management and consultation services to clubs. Our role is to support and implement Board directives while advising and sharing best practices. We customize our services to the unique needs of the communities and allow the Board to delegate as much of the daily association operations as desired.
    The foundation of Indigo Golf Partners’ culture is ACE the GUEST Experience™. From day one, we train every employee – from General Manager to starter, golf shop clerk to maintenance crew – under the common purpose of creating fun and enjoyable experiences for our guests every day. We identify high-impact touch points along their journeys and choreograph how to create “wow” moments.
    Passion is form over function. Purpose is function, function, function. Joining the Indigo Team means being passionately purposeful in everything you do.
    Mike Cutler, Senior Vice President
    Select Services employs the power of a renowned marketing infrastructure, high-performing team members, proven systems, economies of scale and much more.


    Our agronomic team is highly educated, skilled and determined to deliver outstanding playing experiences daily. Our guest-centric approach is more than simply growing grass. Focus is also on healthy turf, eco-sustainability and keen attention to detail across the total acreage. This aligns with a reasonable budget required to impress time and time again. Commitments to excellence from our golf course superintendents and crews lead to efficiencies in staffing and a high-quality, enviable end-product.


    Indigo Golf Partners provides complete accounting and financial management services to assist managers in the successful operation of their facilities. Utilizing proven systems, we recognize specific client needs, including establishment of procedures for the collection, receipt and deposit of all revenues, cost estimating and forecasting, processing and payment of invoices and preparation of budgets and reports. We create and review daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports, including a statement of revenues and expenses, balance sheet, statement of cash flows and reconciliation of inventory.


    Indigo Golf Partners’ food-and-beverage operations complement guest experiences and support the financial well-being of the facility. Upscale or casual, we manage high-quality, attractive and profitable outlets ranging from fine dining to brew pubs to snack bars and everything in between. Guided by an annual plan and budget, we follow a detailed process management cycle of purchasing, receiving, storing, issuing, preparing, presenting, serving and consuming. This department is supported by our National Food and Beverage Director and his culinary team resulting in rotation of seasonal items, regional flavor, upgraded quality and substantial savings.


    In today’s hyper-competitive world, prioritizing a professional marketing and sales culture is critical. “Build-it-and-they-shall-come” reliance should not apply. We blend art and science (rooted in data) to efficiently connect with the right buyers at the right time with engaging content that prompts action. The bedrock of this work is to is attract new guests at a low cost of acquisition and promote frequent utilization for greater lifetime value. Simply lowering greens fees isn’t a strategy and presenting a pristine golf course alone doesn’t automatically translate to revenue.


    We think globally, and act locally. Our on-site general managers, directors of golf, sales personnel and superintendents are supported by corporate operations personnel in each discipline located in-market or convenient to our facilities. We study, learn and apply unique golfer behaviors, feeder geographies and cultural aspects. In no time, we are an integral part of the community, a brand name that resonates with quality. It is the leadership of our Operations team that helps to drive strategy, implement best practices and deliver outstanding results.

    We look forward to learning more about your situation to determine how or if we can help.